Fixing my "my web2py is unable to create a new application on WebFaction" problem.

Please go here to read a full discussion of the problem. Here is a summary of the steps i took to fix this problem.

  1. Made sure that memory capacity is not a problem.
    1. SSHed into my WebFaction account.
    2. $ ps -u user -o pid,rss,command
      output is: PID, Total memory in bytes, full path of process.
    3. I saw that i was over my memory limit.
    4. Upgraded to get more memory.
    5. Tested to see if that worked. IT DID NOT.
  2. I read this thread.
    1. Made sure that the web2py directory contained a directory named “deposit”.
    2. It did.
    3. Re-tested – NO GOOD.
  3. Opened a WebFaction Ticket.
    1. WebFaction Support suggested that I “…try running the web2py daemon script manually (“python2.5 web2py[.py]”) to initialize those systems”.
    2. Decided i would do that.
  4. Ran web2py from the SSH command line to initialize it.
    1. $ cd ~/path_to_troubled_web2py_instance/web2py/
    2. $ python2.5
      Up came web2py saying:
      web2py Enterprise Web Framework
      Created by Massimo Di Pierro, Copyright 2007-2011
      Version 1.92.1 (2011-02-16 15:04:40)
      Database drivers available: SQLite3, pymysql, PostgreSQL
      Starting hardcron…
      choose a password:
      please visit:
      use “kill -SIGTERM 6744” to shutdown the web2py server
    3. I let it run for a couple of minutes to initialize.
    4. $ kill -SIGTERM 6744  # The number 6744 varies. Use the number mentioned by web2py.
    5. Re-tested by by using IE8 to https login to the associated web2py admin from my windows XP desktop. SUCCESS. I was able to create the “home” app.