Great Comments about my code from MIT’s Music21 creator, Michael Scott Cuthbert

Big thanks to MIT’s Music21 creator, Dr. Michael Scott Cuthbert, for his encouraging comments about my code. It’s nice to know that I am staying current and being of service.

He left comments regarding the code that I published:

On Stack Overflow he said, “…your solution is so elegant that we’ve decided to include some code based on it in spirit in the next release (v1.1) of music21”.

On this blog he said, “Thanks for the great post and ideas! We’ll be incorporating something like this in a music21 midi.realtime module… Please feel free to post this to the music21list (Google Groups). People will be interested!” You can see the Google Group re-post here.

Lastly, let me again express my gratitude to Dr. Cuthbert for his encouragement.

Love and peace,



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