WordPress for Programmers & My New Theme


WordPress for Programmers & Coders: Advice, Themes & Plugins.


google:  best free wordpress themes for programmer


Now I use: “Silver is the New Black” – Silver is the New Black. Howdy! This theme, Silver is the New Black, is now retired.

I am going to try these until i get one i like. But first

google how to backup my wordpress.com blog

I am now doing Download your content

I Choose the New Theme

[copied from my notes in MS Word]:


·         OneColumn

·         White Paper

·         WP Jurist

·         Best Theme

None of the above show up for free in wordpress.com

I try

·        TRVL – it’s OK [too dark, nice and wide & big]

·        Truly Minimal – seems better than TRVL – I like it – my pic shows up – Python Notes page might be a bit goofy ala code – kind of OK

·        Ryu – TOO BIG – NO MAYBE

·        Superhero – not bad – goofy black bar follows down NG!– Truly Minimal is better

·        Responsive – Feature-full theme with numerous page layouts, widget areas, custom menu areas, breadcrumb naviagtion, a homepage template, social icons, and responsive CSS. PRETTY GOOD

·        Forever – I am using this in the web2py book – not for here

·        White as Milk – NO GOOD

·        Sapphire – bad paragraph spacing like my present theme


between Responsive & Truly Minimal

Responsive – looks confused with my formatting

Truly Minimal – looks less confused with my formatting

I choose Truly Minimal

Result – Better than a jab in the eye with a sharp stick. The pages aren’t compact enough top to bottom.

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