Download an App from Google Play to a PC & Install it on a Tablet (Sideload)

Download an App from Google Play to a PC & Install it on a Tablet

Download App to PC

ref How to Download Android Apps from Play Store to PC?

  1. Find the App URL on google play store for your account
  2. Here’s the App URL for Cogi – Notes & Voice Recorder
  3. Copy the id ==
    From the App URL
  4. Click on newly appeared button
    “Generate Download Link”
  Package Name: [Play Store]
  File Size: 12.1 MB
  QR Code: View
  MD5 File Hash: ee75eba0fef749dba8796c2eb5cab309
  Last Fetched: 2015-08-03 21:31:36
  Version: 1.17.2 (94)
  1. Click on the newly appeared button
    “Click here to download now”
  2. Put the download into yourPC PATH_TO_Apps/Cogi/
  3. Verify the md5 hash
>cd yourPC PATH_TO_Apps/Cogi/
>rem use whatever md 5 checker you have
> ee75eba0fef749dba8796c2eb5cab309
      file length: 12736720
    file checksum: ee75eba0fef749dba8796c2eb5cab309
expected checksum: ee75eba0fef749dba8796c2eb5cab309

Install the Downloaded APK on the Tablet


  1. Connect USB cable from tablet to pc
  2. Copy [drag & drop]
    From: yourPC PATH_TO_Apps/Cogi/
    Into: yourPC PATH_TO_Tablet/Tablet/Download
    N.B.: Navigate to yourPC PATH_TO_Tablet/Tablet/Download in your PC File Browser
    when your Tablet is USB connected.
  3. Disconnect USB cable from tablet to pc
  4. On Tablet Go to Menu > Settings > [General] > Security > and check “Unknown Sources”
    4.1 the cnet link ALSO says
    Menu > Settings > [General] > Security > and check “Verify Apps”
    “Depending on your device, you can also choose to be warned before installing harmful apps. This can be enabled by selecting the Verify apps option in the Security settings.” N.B. For me this was ALREADY CHECKED
  5. On Tablet go to My Files > Download
    N.B. “Downloaded Apps” is a Category NOT A FOLDER
  6. Tap
    [I notice that this app gets A TON of permissions – should have checked earlier]
  7. Tap Install
    – Cogi appears in “Downloaded Apps” Category
    – Cogi appears in the Apps Tab of the Top Screen
  8. IMPORTANT Go back to Menu > Settings > [General] > Security > and UNCHECK “Unknown Sources”


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