Get web2py Debugging Info

Get Debugging Info

Here’s a quick way to get debugging info (Mobile or NOT).

from gluon.contrib.user_agent_parser import mobilize
import datetime
def index():
""" Here's an easy web2py debugging action [mobile or NOT] """
response.flash = T("Welcome to web2py!")
m = str( +"\n"
m += str(request.user_agent()) +"\n"
m += "\n"
m += "Hi. We have skipped a line."
return dict(message=PRE(T(m)))

2015-12-03 19:47:23.762934
<Storage {'os': <Storage {'version': 'NT 10.0', 'name': 'Windows'}>, 'is_tablet': False, 'is_mobile': False, 'browser': <Storage {'version': '46.0.2490.86', 'name': 'Chrome'}>}>

Hi. Is next line.

#debug, #web2py