A Great Seed for Angular Material – Cordova Apps

A Great App Seed from Mario Aleo

Mario Aleo has published a GREAT App Seed for Cordova – Angular Material Apps on his GitHub Repository cordova-angular-angularMaterial-seed.

When i first encountered a reference to the seed here on stackOverflow, I said “This looks like EXACTLY what i need. It [the Repository Documentation] is VERY WELL EXPLAINED”.

Since then, in the space of just a few hours, I have used Mario’s seed to produce a running app on my tablet. Not only is the GitHub Repository documentation GREAT, but the code in the Mario’s seed is SUPERBLY READABLE. I will learn a lot from using your code, Mario. Thanks.

Also, Mario says that his work is based on AngularJS Best Practices: Directory Structure by Adnan Kukic (@kukicadnan).

Thanks to BOTH of you.

Love and peace,



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