I just installed P2 and…


My Travails

BUMMER: I just installed P2 and the links to my pages (menu?) at the top of the site disappeared! I am going to go back to Truly Minimal theme and see if they HOPEFULLY re appear!

ANOTHER BUMMER: wordpress says you can’t revert to an old theme.

ANOTHER BIG BIG BUMMER: Markdown gets replaced by [X]HTML in posts. Find Markdown onP2 by Automattic

ANOTHER BUMMER: STILL can’t get P2 to display links to my pages.
See P2 User Guide

Fixing Menu to Pages

  1. My sites > JoeCodeswell > Themes [Customize button]
  2. Menus Tab
  3. Create New Menu [Named “Pages” N.B. name does not show]
  4. Menu Location: Where do you want this menu to appear? (If you plan to use a menu widget (opens in a new window), skip this step.) [X] Primary Menu (Current: Pages) N.B. I clicked [X] on this item.
  5. Click “+ Add Items” button RESULT Menu of links appears on right. Including as JSON: [Search menu items…, Pages: [Home,ES6 Notes, Django Notes, Python Notes, Web2py Notes, My Resume (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE!)], Posts, Categories, Tags, Format ]
  6. I clicked + on all the Page Items to add them to the menu

RESULT: Pages Menu APPEARS ACROSS TOP WITHOUT “Pages” title. Thanks be to God. Amen.