JoeCodeswell‘s React Notes

These notes based primarily on Facebook’s GitHub create-react-app (CRA) – posting current version -V 1.5.2

See also in particular the following CRA GitHub sections.

  1. Create React App
  2. User Guide
  3. Popular Alternatives
  4. Debugging in the Editor
  5. cra tools guide
  6. cra a closer look About – find “starting point”
  7. cra starting point == tic-tack-toe tutorial source code by Nitish Dayal

CRA A closer Look #About

“We will use the Tic-Tac-Toe project from the Intro To React tutorial as a starting point. The components have been split into separate files, and the calculateWinner function lives in the utils folder as a utility function. The source code can be found here. Feel free to clone the project and follow along.”

See Out of the box src for create-react-app -V 1.5.2