Ways to split longer WordPress posts

These are ways to make longer posts easier to digest for readers. They are ways to split longer posts to keep readers engaged.

The Daily Post

We often think that our attention spans have grown shorter with the onslaught of digital media, but in fact longform writing — on WordPress.com and beyond — is alive and well. It’s sometimes challenging, however, to display longer pieces in a way that keeps your readers engaged.

If you’re looking for tips on presenting your latest longform creation, this post from last year, by Daily Post contributor Elizabeth, will introduce you to some nifty features built into your site. Whether you’re working on a meaty piece of prose for Blogging U.’s Writing 201 course, or just often have a lot to say, you should try these out.

Today, we’ll cover three features that can help you break up and organize longer posts, so that they display more cleanly and are easier for your readers to digest. We hope these tips come in handy!


Longform posts are…

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